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From working out how to finance your film to getting your film’s press release published in top adventure magazines, trying to figure out everything on your own can be exhilarating but also exhausting,

overwhelming and at times lonely flying solo re-inventing the wheel each time second-guessing your next move.


It’s time-consuming trawling through what limited information there is out there for those wanting to make an adventure film and career in this field. Often, filmmakers will only be interviewed after the film has been made so you don’t gain truly helpful behind-the-scenes knowledge.


The few adventure film workshops out there are all geographically-specific, which is hard if you can’t take the time off work and book travel and accommodation half way across the world.


The Alliance is born from our community needs at Shextreme Film Festival: the world’s first film festival. There is no shortage of amazing female adventurer stories. However, there is a lack of filmmakers sharing these active women’s stories on screen. Rather than complain about it, Shextreme proactively sought to positively address this gender inequality by training up the next generation of adventure female filmmakers at Shextreme Film School since 2016. We have great successes from attendees such as environmental activist and adventurer Cal Major. She applied her useful learning at Shextreme Film School to go on and make award-winning S.U.P. adventure film Skye’s The Limit, which has also been featured in national press such as Huffington Post.




A supportive useful network


Connect with an empowering community: a go to supportive and safe place for advice and feedback and insider industry knowledge on best practices in adventure filmmaking and media making.



  • 24/7 access to an online community group to turn to for collective help from honest jargon-free equipment recommendations to editing advice when it’s 1am and you need help on an edit fix.

  • Gain valuable feedback on rough cuts from supportive members

  • Connect in person at our Annual Networking Reception for members only at Shextreme Film Festival





Save yourself time and energy and avoid rookie mistakes. Gain insider’s knowledge and industry expertise from our Alliance’s award-winning tutors.

Sharpen your business acumen with behind-the-scenes insights on how women really make it work designing a fulfilling life making adventure films and media for a living while travelling the world.



  • Ask the Expert Q & A: Monthly Masterclass Series

  • International Industry Mentor Programme

  • Honest conversations on how women successfully carve out a career in adventure filmmaking, photography and media making.





Nominate contemporaries for Shextreme awards celebrating best practice in female-led adventure filmmaking and media.

Finding it hard to connect with brands? Look no further than our jobs board.



  • Shextreme Awards

  • Access to a jobs board to increase opportunities

  • Increased audience. Receive online exposure for your work as featured members across our Shextreme channels and newsletters.



But wait there’s more. Oh hell yes!



  • Discounts to attend Shextreme Film School @ Shextreme Film Festival.

  • Complimentary Adventure Storytelling for Screen E-book


  • Video Of The Month: gain exclusive access to an adventure film every month to enjoy and watch. These films will often be made by our featured monthly Ask the Expert.



Being a part of Shextreme Alliance will ensure you save so much on the best resource of all: your time. You will finally have a quick, easy-to-access female-focused supportive place to get helpful feedback on that editing question which has been bugging you all evening, exciting fresh new opportunities for collaborations around the world and expert training learning from the very best in our masterclasses led by award-wining tutors including Krystle Wright and Jen Randall.


Stop re-inventing the wheel each time and instead learn tried-and-tested professional methods that work, which will free up more of your time for creativity and fun.


You also have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time. No locked in 12 months for us thanks. We’re spontaneous take each month as it comes adventure-loving kinda ladies!


By joining Shextreme Alliance, you will gain access to a useful network and exciting jobs board of opportunities.


Receive a wider recognition for your work and valuable feedback from our members in our exclusive members community.


It’s time to raise your work to the next level with our excellent adventure film and media masterclasses and mentoring programme tailored to your needs.


Considering attending a three year Film School course will cost minimum £27,000 (yikes!), our monthly subscription is £19 per month: a smart cost-effective investment to up-level your creative skills and industry contacts without breaking the bank.


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