Krystle Wright

© Ben Sturgulewski

© Ben Sturgulewski

If you've not heard of Krystle Wright, then come out from under your rock and get ready to be inspired. Hailing from Queensland, Australia, Krystle travels the world capturing incredible action sports photos from high up in the mountains, all the way down to the ocean bed. Pushing her mind and body to the extremes to grab that perfect shot is what Krystle lives for, and her images speak volumes.

While living in Sydney, Krystle felt a drastic change was needed to shake up her life as she explains, "I was miserable in Sydney with the lifestyle, my stale relationship, the work as a sports photographer with the newspaper no longer fulfilled me but I felt stuck." After suffering a severe accident while documenting a five-week paragliding expedition in Northern Pakistan, Krystle received a phone call offering her work as a guide in Antarctica - Krystle's long-awaited way out of Sydney had come and sent her into full-time adventure photographer mode.

"A career is all about taking one step at a time and creating momentum over a long period of time." - Krystle Wright

Gender should never come into question within your career. However, if you work within a male-dominated industry, questions about ability and inclusion often arise, which can create barriers for some individuals to overcome. Krystle explains her experiences and outlook on the gender balance, "There is no doubt that in my specialised field that the ratio of men far outweigh the female presence. However, I am trying to steer the conversation or more so remind people that it is the photographer's work that matters and that I see myself as an artist" … "I do recognise that I have the ability to encourage other women (and also men) to pursue this profession as I wanted to show others that it is possible and that there is no reason to be held back by any constraints. I do get frustrated when I encounter those who question my abilities because of my gender, but I can't give energy to that otherwise it only festers and gives me negative feelings. It takes a long time to move the tide and change people's perceptions, and I'll continue to be stubborn about my passion since I am driven by the ability to evolve and mature as a storyteller."

© Andy Mann

© Andy Mann

We know that there is an unbalance in gender when it comes to adventure media making, which is why Shextreme is determined to improve opportunity and resources for women by creating a supportive community. Krystle believes that "community is often a notion missing from many people's lives, and it feels so welcoming, especially when there's a chance to connect with others who share similar passions."

So, what projects are in the pipeline for Krystle? Well, Canon Australia recently published three of Krystle's short films on their YouTube channel; A Restless Peace, In Perpetual Motion and Chasing Monsters. These films are a part of a series that celebrates photographers and their pursuits during which, Krystle was accompanied by a talented team who were given a considerable about of free creative reign which is reflected in the films. We're also looking forward to the highly anticipated sequel to Where The Wild Things Play, which will be out later this summer.

When it comes to advice, who better than to get some from than Krystle Wright. So, if you're looking to pursue a career in the media making field, here's what Krystle advises: "It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to pursue a freelance creative career, but it's so important to dedicate yourself to what gives you drive in the morning. Sometimes the world isn't a kind place, and as a freelancer, it can be lonely at times, and it's easier to be susceptible to defeat. Surround yourself with the best possible people who encourage you and when people ask the classic 'Why?' question, I'd say respond with "Why the fuck not.'"

Keep up to date with Krystle’s adventures by checking out her website, or by giving her a follow on Instagram.

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