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Ask the Expert: Masterclass with Megan Hemsworth

Introducing surf photographer Megan Hemsworth 

Delighted Megan is leading Shextreme Alliance's monthly Ask the Expert Masterclass on Tuesday 20th November at 7pm. 

Featuring a rare shot of her behind the lens on land, Megan's favourite subject to snap is the ocean 🌊

Based in #Cornwall, UK, Megan's impressive creative career in surf photography has led to exciting travels all around the world including working for clients such as @roxy

In this month's Ask the Expert masterclass, you will learn:

✨ Pro tips on how to transform your blurry beach shots into professional surf photographic masterpieces

✨ Tried-and-tested kit recommendations for all levels from beginners to pros 

✨ Where to effectively network with brands

✨ An enterprising industry formula on how to pitch and price for adventure photography shoots 

✨Awesome aesthetic advice on framing and light 

Check out @meganhemsworth on Insta over the next few days. She will be sharing some behind-the-scenes glimpses of a surf photography shoot she's working on right now, which she will discuss in detail during our masterclass sharing all the golden tips every surf photographer wish they knew when they first started out!

Roll on 20th November! 

To gain access to this exclusive masterclass, sign up now to become a Shextreme Alliance member to avail of our reduced rates for a limited time only at